About Suri & Company

Suri & Company is based on an alpaca farm called Fern Creek Farm, which can be found 30 minutes west of St. Louis. It is the passion and creation of Jackie King, who established the farm in 2017.

The inspiration for starting an alpaca farm came to Jackie when she attended a fiber arts show 10 years ago and fell in love with alpacas. “Alpacas are quiet animals that bring a sense of peace and balance,” Jackie said. She attended more fiber shows and visited alpaca farms for more than a year. Jackie converted an equestrian farm to accommodate alpacas and in 2017 she purchased a herd of six champion female alpacas.

One year later, the first-generation Suri & Company alpaca was born on the farm.

About Suri & Company

Jackie’s alpaca farm is a haven for alpacas

It sits on 150 acres of rolling pastures and woods, which includes two creeks and one pond. Alpacas are not alone on the land – the Suri farm also has two Great Pyrenees, three cats and a handful of rescued chickens.

150 acres of rolling pastures and woods

Includes two creeks and one pond

Jackie doesn’t just raise alpacas; she offers programs to help others craft a business plan, start their own alpaca farms, buy alpacas, and lease alpacas. She offers mentoring and advice on breeding, husbandry, and farm setup.

Make an appointment to visit the alpacas at Fern Creek Farm, meet Jackie and learn more about leasing or owning alpacas.

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