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Leasing Alpacas

April 14, 2020

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There are a number of reasons for leasing an alpaca before owning it, or instead of owning it.

These are the most common reasons to lease an alpaca:
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for educational purposes – 4-H clubs, Girl Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, homeschoolers
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to give potential future owners a chance to experience caring for an alpaca before buying one or more
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for those who want to own an alpaca but don’t want to or can’t start a farm of their own
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for fiber artists, spinners, weavers or knitters who would like to have the alpaca’s fiber directly from the alpaca


Just as there are several reasons to lease an alpaca, there are several ways to lease an alpaca. One is the option of leasing to own a female alpaca. In this situation, a lessee would pay a percentage of the sale price on a monthly basis, plus $120 a month to board the alpaca. Board includes but is not limited to hay, alpaca feed, and regular health checks.

In the case of leasing a cria, or baby alpaca, the lease is for 18 months and the process is to choose a female alpaca that is for sale and pay a percentage of the sale price. That female alpaca would be impregnated, and about 12 months later a cria would be born. The lessee would then pay the $120 per month boarding fee until the cria is weaned, which typically is around six months.

A lessee might be interested in leasing to learn or leasing for an alpaca’s fleece, instead of leasing to own the alpaca. These leases run one year and can even be purchased as a gift. The lessee or the gift recipient would then pick an available male or female alpaca, or, if it’s a lease to learn, a cria is an option for lease. This lease is $100 a month and, if the lessee wants to, this fee would count toward the purchase of the alpaca at the end of the lease. Lessees who are leasing for the fleece would get to keep the fleece or, for a small additional fee, have it processed into yarn. If a lessee wants to sell the fleece, the price of the fleece typically covers about a year’s worth of feed and care.

All lessees would receive a photo of the alpaca being leased, a copy of the alpaca’s pedigree, a 15% discount in the Suri farm store, unlimited scheduled farm visits, and unlimited learning for a year, which includes husbandry, breeding, birthing, showing, and fleece processing. Lessees also can attend the alpaca’s shearing and participate in alpaca shows.

If any of these alpaca leases appeal to you, please contact us today to find out more and to meet our alpacas.

Lease to Own

Percentage per Month
All lessees receive a photo of the alpaca being leased
A copy of the alpaca’s pedigree
15% discount in the Suri farm store
Unlimited scheduled farm visits
Unlimited learning for a year
Lessees can attend the alpaca’s shearing and participate in alpaca shows
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